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Community Folk Art

British folk artist Sue Prince runs community folk art projects and events.

It's a way for a community to interpret and represent a shared story about their place. Sue leads the project using references supplied by the community to outline the paintings and then teaches a group of interested individuals the skills and techniques of egg tempera folk art, so they become the skilled local helpers to enable the rest of the community members to participate.

The Ashbourne History Painting

Easter weekend 2017. Over 170 Ashbourne people came along to their Town Hall to help paint their town into History!

Full size prints of the 6 meter long artwork are to be found inside and outside the library and soon the Town Hall, in St Oswald's Church.  Prints are also available to purchase from Sue, please email.

The Odensjo Story

The Swedish village of Odensjo have a wonderful Heritage Park on the edge of their lake. The whole community use this resource and look after it. A local farmer donated an old barn to the park, so the community worked together to empty and dismantle the barn, transport it through the village to the park and then rebuild it by the lake. This was such a great community feat that it was celebrated by recording the project in a folk art painting, now displayed in that very barn! About 30 local people took part in the project.

The Ilam Story

Now on semi-permanent display in the Church of the Holy Cross, Ilam in the Peak District, is Ilam Art Club's historic folk art painting (printed on to 2/3rd original size metal panels). Nine local people took part in this long term project, that took seven months to complete. It depicts an interpretation of the history of this picturesque Staffordshire Village from the stone age to 2009. To see more about it Click here

The Story of Ebbe Skamelsson

The Swedish Village of Unnaryd celebrates its unique link with a legendary Viking; Ebbe Skamelsson.
With the help of Sue, the community created a 9 metre egg tempera folk art painting of his story.

The work in Sweden with the Unnaryd Heritage Park eventually led them to run a project for all 60 heritage organisations in their region of Halland and create a 58 m long Folk Art painting representing them all, shown here.

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Customer Services    Tel: +44 (0)1335 310467     Email:     Shop